Italian Spicy Flat Bread Pizza Recipe

This was a new recipe I tried when we were picking up items to be prepared for being snowed in. We were looking for items just in case we had to cook on the grill. Luckily the power did not go out so I made this on my cast iron skillet and we ended up loving it!

I am also posting this because as I mentioned before my daughters moving into her first apartment and this is a very easy dish for someone starting out to make. You can make individual servings for lunch or dinner. It was perfect for the following day to make quickly for lunch.

We used the Italian Spicy Flat Bread as the crust and then put all of our toppings on top from cheese, pepperoni, sausage, to pineapple pieces. It was so yummy!

I did brush a small amount of olive oil on each side and then placed on the grill/pan. I topped with sauce first, then cheese. Add whatever toppings you want! If you use sausage you will pre cook first and have sitting on the side ready to top your pizza. That's something you can store in a small container and microwave after as needed. It cooks up fast and is delicious! Before cooking I cut my piece in half so it was easier to manage on the pan. You will love it! You could also put your toppings on and heat in the oven but I like the small grill marks on mine. Either way is just fine.


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