Mom, You're on a Billboard

My company is working on a wonderful campaign to support our local school systems which I love that I get to be part of. One of our marketing pieces is a billboard that was recently posted in our city. Its been a lot of fun hearing Dallas and Trey tell me how their friends tell them they saw their mom on a billboard. They call all excited and everyone is giggling. Now that's not something you hear everyday!

 I want to share that its so easy to get involved with your local schools and help the children in your hometown. We recently heard a need from the school we adopted. They were in need of socks so we held a sock drive as a business and were able to donate hundreds of pairs of new socks. Each employee brought in a pair, its really that simple!

There are also wonderful programs where you can spend 1 hour a week mentoring a child. A child that might not have an adult to help guide them for a bright future. Someone to tell them they are smart and have the ability to do great things. Challenge yourself to see how you can make a difference!
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