First Week in January Instagram Look

This week has been a busy week with 2014 here!!!I am on a mission to have every cabinet, drawer, closet, and room completely organized. So far I have been very successful and love how everything is coming together. This will also be the year for new updates around the house. I will be sure to share!

Here's a look into our week. Basketball season is going at full force with practice and games. Here we are Saturday headed out to Trey's game. They did awesome!

I had the chance to wear my boot leg warmers that Dallas gave me for Christmas.

I am still loving wearing my new vest. There are so many ways to pair them with outfits. I would run to your Old Navy and see if they have any left. I picked up the cream and navy but wish I would have picked up the hot pink!!! Don't you hate when you wish you would have picked up just one more!

I am very pleased with my workouts. I am enjoying them and most importantly I am getting them in with my busy schedule. I need to find a half marathon to start training for. I hope to have something picked out this week.

I ran into Target today and saw these. These are so easy to make and mine will be very fresh and I am sure I can make double or triple the amount that one would cost.  I get so bored with lunch items and I am trying so hard to stay away from fast food. These just look fun!

Last item is I can not believe how cold it is here. I think this is the first time I have ever seen 18 degrees on the schedule. I might have seen 28-30 but this is pretty wild for us. Most of the schools will start 2 hours late and the kids get to go out of uniform. Its a crazy kind of fun!

Have an AWESOME week!
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