Chocolate, Chocolate, and a Little Whip Cream Dessert Recipe

This dessert is one of my families favorites for me to make. I have to admit it is very easy but looks so fun. Here is what you will need and what to do.

1. You will start by making a chocolate Devils Food cake by the box directions. Bake and let cool completely.

2. Make the chocolate pudding as per the box directions and chill in refrigerator.

3. In mixer pour heavy cream and start whipping on high speed. Add a teaspoon of vanilla while mixing. Also add 2 tablespoons of sugar while mixing. Once it sets like whip cream you are done and will chill in refrigerator. Do not over beat because it will turn into butter.

Next is the layering of everything. Start by cutting the cake into pieces and lay on the bottom, then place pudding, then whip cream. Start over until you reach the top or run out of ingredients. I put everything together just before serving to my guest.

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