Walking Around Mexico While on the Carnival Sunshine

Here are a couple of pictures from our visit to Mexico. It was the perfect day with wonderful weather. The sun was out all day and the temperature could not have been better!

Once you get off the ship you look for your excursion sign and let them know you are there. Eddie found ours right away with no problem.

In the distance you can see our yellow boat that we would be traveling on to get to the next location of our excursion.

The water so just amazing.

The boat held people on the top open deck and then inside with the windows. Let me give you a big tip here, SIT INSIDE! We were so thankful we did.

Ready for a full day of activities. I love this picture and it sits on my desk at my office to remind me of paradise.

Hopefully you had the chance to see my video in the previous post and saw how fast we went. We started off sitting by the window but within 10 minutes of the ride we moved to the center row. You know its rough when they start off asking anyone if they want a drink and come down the row handing out sea sick bags.

Amazing view out the window.

I moved to the center row first because I did not want to be sick like I was on our first full day.

It was a very nice boat and very comfortable.

Our poor Trey really had it hit him hard. I talked him into moving over to the center row with me. This picture was taken just before he moved. He had his little bag they handed out just in case.

This is one of those moments you just wish you could take away his not feeling good. I will say once the boat made it to the location we did just fine and had no sickness on the way back. Just be sure to take your medication before taking part in this excursion and you should be fine.

I love this picture, the best husband in the world!

I would have loved to had lunch up there, looks fun!

I was so excited to see a Zara store but sad to say we did not get to go inside. It would have been nice to do a little shopping. I cant wait to go back because I will be making a stop here~

Be sure to take a look at my excursion blog post on the Amazing Secret River. One of the best adventures ever!

They served us a very good Mexican lunch.

It was set up as a buffet style and was very good.

Time to relax after lunch!

On our way back to the boat we say the military loading the ferry. Really different seeing all the guns in hand.

The perfect picture to end with! This will be a screen saver to remember the great time we had! This is my final post from our cruise. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed sharing them!
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