The Taste Bar on the Carnival Sunshine and a Night Out to Dinner

Almost every night the Taste Bar was open with different samples featured from the different restaurants on the ship. Be sure to check for the times on your cruise and take part in this.

This is really an appetizer but its fun to get one and sit in the larger area while you wait for dinner. We had a lot of fun people watching.

The Habana Club was a fun place to sit and enjoy lunch and they also offer dancing at night.
It gives a Latin feel which is fun.

The Cucina Capitano Italian Restaurant was free during lunch and has an additional $12.00 charge per person at night. We did not have dinner here only because we were so busy. This was the only one we missed out on.

It was decorated like a real Italian kitchen. I would have loved to have had dinner but I guess having to many activities is a good problem to have.

         On our way to the main dining room for dinner. The blurry picture was due to the ship rocking this night and standing still was a challenge.

This was Thanksgiving night so of course turkey was on the menu. That's what Eddie had and he said it was one of the best turkey dinners he has eaten.

I had the fillet with short ribs and really enjoyed it. There was a dark wine sauce that went with it and I loved the flavor it added. The meat was so moist and tender.

We also ordered a side of the grilled shrimp. There were only 4 shrimp so it was the perfect side dish to share.

I ended the night with the a cup of hot tea of course! I'm not sure why I forgot to take a picture of the dessert but I am sure it was yummy!

Then it was time to call it a night!

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