Second Day on Carnival Sunshine Vacation and Bonsai Sushi

Day two of the cruise which was really our first full day was pretty rough. The seas were so rough your drink would splash around the cup and no one could walk straight. My advice is take a sea sick pill that first night because you don't have your sea legs yet and it cant hurt! Better to be safe and not need it than to be sick and need it! They also say once you are sick and take the medicine its harder to get in under control.

I needed to follow up with a couple of questions I received from my last post. I was asked if I saw buckets collecting water. I only saw one bucket and the drip was barely there. I was also asked if I smelled anything bad and I never did. Only very yummy food! I was really pleased with the condition of the ship and they did a great job with the makeover.

We started our morning with breakfast in the main dining room. I love going to the dining room for our meals instead of eating on the Lido deck which is more of a buffet style. I think this is a great time for our son to use all his great manners and dining skills.

We walked by the Bonsai Sushi which has an amazing style.

I love the look off Bambo outside the little restaurant. We never did get the chance to eat here but only because we could not stay away from the Guy's Burgers and the pizza. I would highly recommend the pizza! That was the best thin pepperoni pizza I have ever eaten.

The Piano Bar was a festive area in both style and color. Always seemed to have a nice relaxed crowd in the room.

The did a great job with the Liquid Lounge. I love the tunnel hallway that's has the blue lights as you walk in.

I always enjoy the big movie screen outside. They seem to have a movie theme each day and Eddie and Trey enjoyed several of them.

I never did get the nerve to take on the big slide but Trey did. I was proud of him for going all the way up there.

Here he is getting ready to go down!

Awesome job! I wish I would have taken this on!

I was surprised this was the only pool for the kids. I guess it did pretty good since you had the slide and one end and the adult only hot tub and small pool on the other end of the ship.

The adult only area was very nice. I loved the cushioned chairs the look of the water fall. We never did get to sit in one of the large bed chairs for two because they were always full. This was the hot spot to be on the ship. Tip would be to get there early.

Before we left I purchased a Birthday cake for Eddie to be delivered to the room. They ask you for the date you would like it and if you want it in the room or brought to dinner.  I am sad to say they did not delivered it and I had to remind customer service about it and it came the next day after his Birthday. I hated it happened like that because we kept finding a reason to run back to the room thinking it might be there. Also do you know how hard it is for a 12 year old boy to keep a secret but he did! It was very yummy and Eddie was still very touched to get it.

Its always fun to see what animal we would have waiting for us on our bed!

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