Our Day in Jamaica While on the Carnival Sunshine Cruise and the Croydon Plantation Excursion

A tip to remember is you can still have breakfast in the formal dining room even on land days, just be sure to check on the times it is offered. As I mentioned before, I love having in the main dining room because it just adds to the cruise feel.

I would recommend the Belgian waffles. Very good.

Here we are with Jamaica in the back ground. Trey has always wanted to visit Jamaica so it was exciting to see this day come.

Local vendors ready for everyone to get off the ship and shop! 

There was a little bit of confusion on the ship because no one came over the loud speaker and said people could get off. We just knew when it was time because I recently took the cruise with Dallas in June but several people were late getting on the excursion bus and had to be called from their room. This caused us to wait on the bus for about 30 minutes. My tip there is be sure you know when to exit the ship.

We took part in the Croydon Plantation- The Spirit of Jamaica excursion. I would recommend it but I do not think it is for small children. I have to say that the tour guides did an amazing job keeping the two small children on our tour under control because the parents did not. The guides were amazing and were very kind. Trey is 12 and he really enjoyed it but the two children were maybe 6 and 8 and I think it was a little much for them.

You start off by taking an hour and 20 minute drive to the location. We thought the drive was great because it really showed the real Jamaica. The roads were tight at times and a little scary but the drivers did a great job.

We liked that everything was clearly marked and many items had the photo to go along with it incase the fruit was not in season.

We took so many amazing photos and I am really only sharing a couple to give you an idea. It was a beautiful property.

Starting off we had the chance to hear about some of the fruits and how they make coffee. Here is another tip, put on bug spray. I never saw one bug but the problem is you are eating fruit and from what I hear your sweat turns sweet and attracts them. We came home with some big bug bites which was a little scary but we did fine.

The property was so pretty and every part of it was used to plant something and not wasted.

The tasting was the fun part. We had several different types of pineapples and local fruits. Very educational and good. I was so proud of what a great job Trey did with listening. He even told us how much he enjoyed it at the end.

Lunch was provided with our tour and we enjoyed it.
They had a great picnic area set up for us to have lunch in the shade. It was a little warm but very manageable.

We gave Trey the camera and he really enjoyed taking all the photos for us. It also allowed him to look at everything and be part of the tour.

                                                    We had a great time in Jamaica!
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