Its Time to Load Up On the Ship....VACATION!

We have been so excited for this day for several weeks now and its here.....Vacation day! There is nothing better than having something to look forward to and we have really looked forward to this! We took a 7 night cruise on the Carnival Sunshine to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Here we are walking out the door to head to the ship. It was so cold out but we knew within a couple of hours we would be on our way to the tropical sunshine!

Very happy to be on our way to start vacation!

Sitting in the New Orleans cruise terminal ready for our zone to be called.

Once on the ship we started exploring everything and just loved these sun chairs on the Serenity Adult only section. They were so comfy!

We could have sat here forever. Unfortunately this was the only time we were able to sit in them because they stayed packed the entire time. We also had two days were the wind was so bad they had to shut one of the adult floors off so that really limited the use of them.

Trey was ready for the ship to take off. We actually had a 3 hour delay because it took longer than expect to load everything onto the ship. We were suppose to leave at 4:00 but did not leave until 7:00. This didn't cause a problem because once we were on this ship we stayed very busy. It did make for a rough ride the first day because we had 3 hours to make up and the seas were very rough.

The ship was decorated for Christmas which was an extra highlight on the trip.

This was one of my favorite sitting areas on the ship. Many more photos to come over the next few days! We had a great time and we can not wait to share. I did learn some new tips due to a couple of issues we ran into but I will also share those!

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