Instagram- Last Week of December

One of the items Dallas had on her Christmas list was a Puffer Vest and I was so excited when I found them for her. I actually liked them so much I picked two up for myself. Here is a peak at them because they are so comfortable and I love the look.

Be careful where you pick yours up because some can be very thick and in my opinion not flattering but Old Navy has the best looking vest. There are about 4 colors to pick from and so many ways to wear them.

I first saw these on this blog and new there were just what she wanted!

We had a little after Christmas get together at our home and I am always excited when I get to use my plates I picked up last year. I just love them!

Its always a great idea to put a little something together when you have a guest stop by for a quick visit. The cream cheese red pepper jelly is always a hit.

A very special gift shared for a special someone this week.

We had or final 2013 Girls Lunch today which was such a special treat since Dallas leaves to head back to college life this weekend.

We even managed to find her a special treat since Ann Taylor just happened to be next door! They have a great 60% off clearance in store sale going on right now.

Now here is to 2014 and bringing running back into my life. This year is going to full of health and fitness. I have my plans laid out which will include a running plan of 3 times a week with 2 days of weights. I plan to have 1 registered 5K ran a month and would love to run in a Disney Half Marathon this year. I would also like to participate in one more Rock n Roll Half.
So you should see check in post through each week along with race photos, at least you better see!

Here's to a wonderful, powerful, prosperous, blessed 2014~May all of our blessings over flow because God's hands will be on them!
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