First Day on the Carnival Sunshine Cruise

The first night on the Carnival Sunshine we went to a comedy show in the Limelight lounge. Its a very pretty room but for a ship this size I found it to be small and a little odd shaped. Here are a couple of pictures.

This photo is of the back sides of the room behind the stage. They did put flat screen tvs on the wall so you could see who was on the stage but it gave you the feeling you were just watching them on TV. When I go to see someone on stage I would like to be able to get the real feeling of seeing them on stage.

This was the side view of the front of the stage and as you can see from the picture there really is not a lot of seats. When you are talking about Carnivals largest ship I expect this room to be larger and offer more seats.

You can see I had a side view of the stage and then we had the tv in front of us. This was the only time we watched one of the comedy shows because it filled up very quickly.

Look at the lady photo bombing my picture~ yes she had a lot to drink!

I loved the look of the outside doors with the wood cabin style. Here is where we ran into an issue.

As you can see our room is missing the twin size bed that pulls from the wall. The first night we took a while to unpack everything and put it away. They brought us a trundle bed for Trey to sleep on but it was shorter than he was. I really think it was a mattress from a baby crib. I told Trey to sleep in the big bed and I would sleep on it. WOW was the rough! It only came to my calf and I ended up crawling back in the bed at 4:00am which was not any better because the king bed is really 2 twin beds pushed together! Also the trundle bed had a smell and I asked them to take it out of the room.

So my husband who is 6'4, my son 5'3, and I all slept in the bed. The next issue we had was the AC went out the first night and from that point on never really reached that chilled point. On night 2 the front desk called and offered to move us to another room. I just did not have it in me to pack everything up and move us. By day 4 I was regretting that I did not move us on day 2 but then it was really to late. Also the AC person did come and check on the AC but it just never seemed right.

Here is the sitting area. As you can see we had an inside room and I think we will stick with a larger balcony room in the future. This was a little to small for 3 people.

We headed out of our room and went to lunch. We ate at Guys Burger which is one of the best burgers I have eaten.

Lots of toppings for your burger. So good!

We headed out for the sail away party which was really the wait and sail because we had to stay in dock for 3 hours.....but no problem!

The youth program did a great job with meeting with the parents to go over all the upcoming events. Trey really enjoyed his group which was the 12-14 year old kids.

We headed out for dinner for the My Time Dining. The first night was really rough because everyone seemed to want to eat at 7:00 and we had about a 30 minute wait. Once we were called up to the hostess station we had a hard time getting someone to help us because so many people were buzzed at once. They seemed to have a better handle on this after the first night.

I think we had shrimp cocktail every night! You can never go wrong with Shrimp Cocktail.

Caesar salad.

I had the pork ribs and they were good.

Eddie had the grilled chicken which was a little dry.

My dessert which was soooo good!

Trey had the chocolate cake

Eddie had the cheese platter for dessert.

Another tip I have for the first day of your cruise. Check any special reservations you have. I just happened to do this and found out they had non of mine even though I had the email confirmation. Thank goodness I brought the print out with me so I could speak with customer service and have it corrected. Always check as soon as you get on the ship.

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