Fahrenheit 555 Steak House for Eddie's Birthday Dinner on the Carnival Sunshine

For Eddie's Birthday dinner I had something very special planned and that was a reservations at Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse on the ship. This was one of my favorite events that we took part in on the trip. There is an extra $35.00 charge per person but it is worth every cent. You will not want to miss this dinner!

My boys looked amazing for Eddie's Birthday dinner.

Reservations are required but you should have no problem making yours when you get on the ship. It wasn't very busy on the night we went.

You start with picking out your dinner from the menu but there is a secret I have to share. The menu is set up in sections and you can only pick one item from each section unlike the main dining room where you can eat as many of any item that you want. The secret is you do not have to have a salad and can do like I did and have a crab cake and the lobster soup.

The bread had three different oils and spreads to go along with it. They were all very good.

This was complements of the chef and was a mushroom cappuccino. Sounds crazy I know but it was so good. I wish I had some now!

This was also another item that was complements of the chef. Steak tartar but I think its best to say everyone passed on this one.

Eddie had the jumbo shrimp cocktail. Let me mention this was not your everyday shrimp cocktail, it was over the top good.

Trey and I both had the crab cake and it was full of fresh crab meat.

The lobster bisque is so good and I would highly recommend it.

All three of us had the surf and turf with filet and lobster. She even offered to cut my lobster out of the shell so I didn't have to fight with it.

Its time for dessert, how do you always have room for dessert!

I wish this picture would have come out better but its a cheese tray. My Eddie loves to try all types of cheese and this was his dessert. They gave him a slice of each cheese. He really enjoyed it.

I had the chocolate sampler and it was so yummy. I think I took 30 minutes to eat it so I could enjoy every bite.

Trey had the cheesecake and he also enjoyed it.

Eddies cheese tray.

His cheesecake was as big as he was which was good because we all took a couple of bites.

This is the cart they bring to every table to show you the spices and the cut of meat. Just that extra touch that I love!

Again this is an experience you can not pass up. If you have an upcoming cruise I hope you will take part in this!
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