Amazing Secret River in Mexico on the Carnival Sunshine

This was one of the most amazing experiences we have ever taken part in and the name of it is just that, The Amazing Secret River. This was at our stop in Mexico.

This lets you be a 21st-century Indiana Jones on an exploration of ancient Mayan caves and an underground river. We joined other cruisers from our ship and enter a fascinating subterranean world that has remained untouched for thousands of years. We were told what we could touch and what was not to be touched because of the oils in your hands. If you needed help walking they did provide walking sticks but no one in our group took one.

After a 30-minute ferry ride from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Riviera, we then rode in an air-conditioned van to travel to Río Secreto Natural Reserve. We walked with our guide on a short path through the tropical jungle to the Mayan Secret River. We had a blessing prayed over us before entering the cave.

This is our group entering the cave. I would recommend using their water shoes because Eddie's and my shoes both split because the ground is so rocky. Their shoes seemed to be made to handle this excursion much better.

The start of our journey.

This was the first time I had ever worn a wet suit so I must say it was interesting. Add a helmet and light while walking and swimming in the dark and its really different. Fun but different!

We had the most amazing tour guide that explained everything step by step. He held our attention for every minute.

You can tell we were holding on to his every word.

It was so much fun having Trey in front of me. He was such a gentleman turning around and warning me of all the big steps and rocks.

This is our group photo. Your group will always be 10 people or less to allow you to stay together and really hear everything.

You can only imagine how dark it is in the cave. You can get a small idea from the photo above.

There were times you really had to swim through the cave, then you would walk with water that was waste high, and it might be as low as your ankles during other times.

We were never scared when it came time to swim to the next area because you did have your life jacket and the guide went at a slow pace.

This was another group photo taken as we were leaving. We had a great group.

I just love all the next pictures because it really gives you the idea of how we were stepping into natures world. That was one of the things they reminded us is we were in their world and you really felt that.

I felt such an amazing level of peace during this excursion. To enter a place that is so quiet and at peace it really makes you see that nothing should cause you stress. I have a very strong faith and this place really takes you to that next level and causes you to really appreciate the beauty of everything in life. The beauty of it really takes home the verse of turning over any worries you might have because God really is the one in control of your life. While we were in the cave for about 2 minutes he turned off his flash light and made us turn off ours and stay very quiet. It was the most amazing experience.

This was one of the craziest spiders. Our tour guide picked him up and showed everyone up close expect for me because he saw that I was clearly scared!!!

I have to highly recommend this excursion. We loved every minute of it. At the end they provided lunch for us which was very good and then took us back to the ship. We had a wonderful time.
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