A Look Into This Week With Instagram and More

This week has been so busy but its all been lots of fun activities! To start the week Trey had his final ballroom dance class and the parents were invited to watch. We would not have missed it for the world!

My handsome boys.

I was so impressed with what a great job he did. He was a real pro and you can tell he paid lots of attention during practices.

The night ended with a son and mom dance which I will always treasure. He did a very good job.

We had a great night!

Then the world of basketball season started. This means practice twice a week and a Saturday morning game. No more sleeping in on Saturdays for the next several weeks!

We love watching his games so its a good tried off.

Dallas is home for Christmas break......yea!!!!! We went to see the 2nd Hunger Games which was pretty good. It was great to have all of us back together again.

Love Friday night movie night!

Then we were off to take part in a 5k Run.

The shirts that were given out were really great. I love gray running shirts.

And he is off!!!

I was so proud of Trey. He ran in a great time but he fell during the run and bruised up his knee pretty bad. He picked himself up and finished the run all the way to the finish line. I was really proud that he didn't quite.

Then we were off to church but I had to share this one because of my sweater. Every time I turned around the kids were petting my sweater because of the fur. Its like Trey didn't know he was doing it but was just drawn to petting the fur. Not sure if its going to be a keeper......:)

Hope you have a great week!

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