My Advice to Moms When a Child Goes Off To College

As a mom you are always offered advice as your kids are growing up. People tell you how to pack a diaper bag. They share with you when to start your child on solid foods. They give you advice for your teenager. Then you hear the best way to put a chart together to make sure homework is completed and their room is kept clean. The advice goes on and on and almost all of it is very helpful!

 Then they grow up and one thing no one ever told me was how life changing it is when one of your children go off to college. You work so hard to raise them and have them ready to go off to college as strong faith based young adult. You hope that they are not to home sick. You pray that they always seek the Lord in their choices. You want them to be able to make decisions on their own and that they are good ones. Their safety is always on your mind.

The one item that I didn't realize and that no one shared with me is how REAL it is when they go. I had the wonderful opportunity for Dallas to come home this past weekend after being away at college for 3 months and to hear the chatter between her and Trey was the sweetest sound. Hearing her feet in her room because its above ours was a sound I had not heard for the past 3 months.

Moms.....my advice is simple. Just know that you feel like the everyday duty of waking kids up and getting them ready for school, picking them up after, homework in the evenings, cooking dinner, and getting them ready for bed all so you can start over does not last forever. Never take a minute of it for granted. Treasure every second!

When they come to you to tell you about anything take the time to give them 100% of your attention. I am so thankful I always worked so hard to set a peaceful environment for my son and daughter to grow up in. By no means am I a perfect parent but I wanted my kids to grow up and have the chance to look back at their childhood and light up with a smile when they think of the memories. I wanted them to always have respect for their mother and father but also have childhood memories that were sweet and positive.

Tell them how proud you are of them. Help them know they can achieve anything they set their mind to. Keep God's word in front of them so they always understand he has their path prepared and it is up to them to seek him. Be the parent but have a relationship with them. Pray over their future daily! There is nothing more special than to hear the word, Mom!

Treasure everyday with your sweet angels!

I am so very blessed to have these two angels in my life!!
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