Grilled Ranch Pizza Recipe

One dish I love to make is a grilled chicken ranch pizza. It is so easy and fast! You can actually make this inside or take it out to the screen porch to put on the grill!

1 can pizza dough
1/4 cup ranch
3/4 cup mozzarella cheese
1 grilled chicken breast
1 tomato
1 small can chopped pineapple
2 green onions
olive oil

Start by rolling out your canned pizza dough. Then cut into squares in a size that is easy to work with. You will then lightly coat the small square of pizza dough with olive oil. Place on grill until lightly brown.

Turn over and start to cook the other side. As it is cooking put toppings on. You will start with a layer of ranch dressing. Then place cooked chopped chicken.

Layer cheese and top with tomato, chopped green onions, and pineapple.

So good!!!

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