Great Time Taking Part in a Radio Show and Photo Shoot This Week

This week was full of new and fun events. The company I work for is promoting an Education Initiative which I am so excited to be part of. We had the opportunity to speak on a local radio show to share all the information of this program. Anytime I have the chance to speak on this it really just makes my day because our kids really do hold the key to the future.

I was extremely nervous at first but once we started I loved it! It really makes a difference when you are speaking about something you are passionate about. Here are a couple of pictures of us during the show.

We moved from radio to photo shoot for a billboard that will be put up in our city to also promote the program. These are just a couple of pictures the best photos are with the kids. They were so excited about having the opportunity to take part in this. I loved every minute of watching them smile for the camera. Here are just a couple of pictures but I didn't include the pictures with kids.

The end product is just amazing with the kids in the photo! No matter where you are there is always a way you can help a child. Collect box tops and turn them over to local schools, there really is money with this program that makes a difference. Better yet, call a local school in your area and see what needs they might have.

The school we adopted had a young 5th grade boy that was in great need adult socks instead of youth socks. His aunt was not able to afford socks and told him to just pull them up and stretch the small socks he currently has. This would cause him to be distracted all day during class so when we heard this need we kicked off a "Sock Hop" and just asked  everyone to bring at least one pair of socks to work. Its really that simple to make a difference in a child's life!

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