Dont Worry About the Cameras When Running a Half Marathon

When it comes to training for the half marathons that I have taken part in I have done more research than running I am sure.....just kidding of course! The one thing no one told me is how the camera can either be your enemy or your friend while you are out there running for hours and miles!

Lets start with my first relay marathon team race I took part in. I only had to run 6 of the 26.1 miles and I went out and just enjoyed it! Just stayed in my own zone with a small smile. No waves, no jumps.....just running like I was enjoying it! I will say I soon learned having that much hair would give you a headache as it hit back and forth.

I have taken part in several other 5k races but you don't find many cameras around so no worries there. Always have your family be prepared to take them for you.

Then I took on my first half marathon which was the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans. WOW did I love this run!

It started off great because I had my family there to support me. There is nothing I enjoy more than to have my family there to support me in something I enjoy but that is also a huge challenge and there support is greatly needed!

As the run came to the end I really had pull from that inner strength which was pretty hard. My feet and legs were really hurting but I was pushing. The problem is I sure didn't want that to show in my face but what do you know......there is a camera taking my picture to show the pain!

This picture was taken by my sweet husband but its one of my favorites. The finish line was just before me within steps and I was pleased with my results for my first half marathon!

Great day with the medal to prove I DID IT!

Then we move on to my 2nd half marathon which was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life. It was 3 weeks after my first which was a huge mistake. Then it was along the beach and all but four of the miles were just straight road. I love turns and twist and not a straight longgggg road! Here is an example of how bad it was as one of the photographers snapped a picture.

 I am the one in the orange shorts and white shirt. The heat was terrible and the smell of fish that hit you every couple of miles was like nothing I had ever trained in. This is one race I will not take part in again. You have to love the camera! As you can see enemy for me and friend to the girl in blue as she gives a smile and shows the fun she is having!!

Now I warn you................this is were it all went down hill and I learned my camera lesson. I took part in the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon and I went out there and was determined I was going to look like I was having fun even if it killed me!!!

The start of the race we took a couple of photos and I want to share this one so you see I really am normal runner with a normal smile and normal personality! Now here is where I wanted to show I was having fun................!

Every picture he caught me as I was trying to wave but I look more like I was in a show tunes act!!

It was priceless to see my husband look at these photos and when he saw the first one he thought, "oh." Then the 2nd he thought, "OH MY" Then the 3rd photo, he said, "What on earth where you doing!" My response was that I didn't want to look like the run was killing me. Instead I looked like.....well I still haven't figured that out. :)

I will never make this mistake again. I will stay in my zone and run the race!! As you can see it ended on a great note and was one of my best PR times.

So my advise to you is:

1. Don't worry about the cameras!
2. Stay in your zone!
3. Enjoy the run and run for you!

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