A Night At The Fair!

Its that time of year when its cooling off and the fair has come to town. I must start off by saying I can tell I am older because the rides are so much higher and scary! We really did not go to far out on the wild side with rides because they really are over the top now.

A sweet new friend gave us VIP tickets which meant we were able to eat dinner in the VIP room and have unlimited rides all night. It really was such a special treat! Here we are above at dinner.

Elephant ears, corn dogs, fried Oreo's, soda's, chicken on a stick, funnel cakes, and so much more! I must add we were very good and stayed away from this type of food. We did get Trey a funnel cake but overall were very good.

Looking forward to a great night.

Its fun to see Trey into cars and of course mustangs are on his list.

Taking the roller coaster on first!

My boys!!! Trey is almost as tall as Eddie!

The best husband and best friend ever! Life is so much better when you spend everyday with someone as amazing as Eddie!

I was excited to get this picture with Eddie on a ride with us.

Funny story with this one. We were watching this one drop and as it did I think I screamed louder than the people on it. I could never ride something like this!

So much fun riding everything with my riding partner!

We took on the Tornado ride!

I love this picture because I took it as we were spinning in the area!

We survived this crazy ride!

The perfect weather for a night out!

Such a fun light in the VIP room.

The room was really decorated with the best fall and festive decorations.

This is my favorite picture of the night! We really had a blast!

Do you attend the fair in your city?

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