A Look Into This Weeks Fitness

This week has been full of activities to try and get ready for my January half marathon. Shame on me that I am not training for speed but just to go back to loving it. Last year after completing four I just really burned myself out and I want to go back to enjoying it!

Eddie, Trey, and I were planning on running it but Eddie is recovering from terrible shin splints that need extra time to heal. Over the last 12 weeks Eddie has loss over 50 pounds and the doctor said he did to much to fast with his running. He was on a very special monitored plan but he just needs to do his exercise a little different. This will just give him time to recover.

I hope Trey will hang in there with me and run it! I need a running buddy! Here we are at the track running hills for the week.

That's Trey taking on that hill! Awesome job!

Out until the sun was going down and felt great after. Again just going out to find the love in it again!

Tuesday was not the most productive run because I stopped to see the turtle and the sunrise but wow did I love it!

Really made me feel so blessed!

I am also putting cross training into my schedule with the gym, weights, and bike riding. I find that it breaks the routine up but still burns calories!

Working very hard to eat healthy and smaller portions and better choices. I don't think you have to give up the good stuff, just don't eat as much of it.

This is a new protein powder I started using only because Eddie uses it and I love it! We have to order it off line but its great for my mid day snack and my after noon snack!

I love these yogurts! The chocolate and key lime are my favorite! You must try these!

I am also proud to say I have cut back on the amount of cream in my coffee. That's 30 calories a day which is 210 a week, 840 a month!!!

Ok, I have to end on a sweet note! Is there anything better than the Cake Pops from Starbucks????

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