Dinner and Day of Activites at the Beau Rivage Hotel

We had a great Saturday traveling out of state to the Beau Rivage for dinner and a couple of stops for shopping. I was on the hunt for a lamp to finish a bedroom makeover project I am working on, which I cant wait to share. The good news is I found the perfect lamp and even a picture to go above the desk. We had such a great time because Eddie and Trey were busy at working helping me find the perfect one.

I wanted something tall and silver but this was a little to tall.

I thought I might want a white ceramic base but changed my mind as soon as they found this one.....

The perfect lamp. Silver, gray, tall enough but not to high. I love it!

Such a bigger helper and he was so careful!

I found this painting and knew it would be perfect above the desk. The walls will be gray and this black painting is going to really pop!

I love this picture! Makes me think about the old question, How do you see the world? Seeing it from a child's eyes is the best way possible!

To give you an idea here is a preview of the desk with the new lamp and photo. I will be painting the walls soon which will give it a completely new look. The lamp shade has a silk fabric which really lets the light shine.

Once our shopping was completed we went to dinner at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi. It was a cheat meal day so we went for the delicious buffet. I love this hotel and to make a day of it is always so much fun.

The weather was perfect and almost made you want to put the top down on the Jeep except for the 75mph interstate speed. That's the one issue I have with a soft top Jeep is the noise!!!

It was the perfect day for a ride.

I can not believe he is almost as tall as I am!

One of my favorite features of this hotel is the flower arrangement that sits in the center of the entrance. I love the color combination.

We had to take this photo because I felt like I should let down my hair to my prince below.....:)

Photo just before we started dinner. I love a buffet style for Trey because I just let him eat whatever he wants when ever he wants it. Life is to short for silly rules and why not put a smile on his face with letting him grab a jello to bring back with his dinner plate!

 This photo was taken as we were leaving. We had such a great time and just really made sure the night was filled with conversation and laughs!

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