Results Are In ........ADPHI

Dallas is in the sorority of her choice and she is an ADPHI!!!! We are so excited for her. Here are a few photos from our day.

Waiting for the good news!!!

All of the parents are scattered on the hill waiting for the girls to come running out.

This was the house we were keeping our fingers crossed for Dallas to get into.

I have never been so happy to see a sign with Dallas name on it. Once we saw this sign and knew she was in we felt so much better!!!

All the girls waiting on the new additions to come running out.

Parents on the hill just as the girls were coming out.

It was really something to see all the girls come running out of the gym to find their new house.

It was so much fun to watch how excited the girls were. Eddie said it looked like a black Friday sale!

Then it was time to move into the house for announcements and the air conditioner!!!!

One happy young lady!

Very happy with the results and what a very special day!!
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