Eating 5 Clean Meals a Day

Trying to skip a meal............not a good idea. I am a big believer in eating 5 small meals a day which is about every 3 hours. You can lose weight by not eating~ It’s called starving. If you reduce your calories enough~ your body will start breaking down it’s muscle tissue, and this will result in weight loss~ but much of this weight loss is due to a loss of  lean muscle.
 Not eating enough also makes your body increase its emergency ’starvation’ response, which causes your body to retain fat, making it hard to loose weight, and easy to gain the weight back again.

The idea is to keep a constant supply of nutrient rich energy coming in, so your metabolism will run strong and steady. This will not only help you loose weight the healthy way, but it will help you keep it off, and stay strong.

My change I have put in place is to eat clean. I am really working hard to only take in clean foods so my body runs off clean energy almost like putting clean gasoline in a car. If you go with cheap unclean gas your car will not run at its best.

The same goes for us!
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