Less Calorie Food v's More Filling Food

The Three Factors That Play a Role in What Makes Food Less Calorie Packed and More Filling:
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Water. Many fruits and vegetables are high in water, which provides volume but not calories. Carrots for example, are about 88 percent water and have only 52 calories in 1 cup, where a 1 cup serving of pasta has about 1 percent water and 200 calories in 1 cup.

Fiber. High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains not only provide volume, but also take longer to digest, making you feel full longer.

Protein. A number of studies indicate that protein makes a person feel more full than carbohydrates or fats. This suggests that adding sources of lean protein to your meals/snacks can help control hunger.

Low Energy Density Eating Tips

·   Have a broth-based soups, or salad (dressing on the side of course) before a meal.

·   Add fresh or frozen fruit to meals and/or snacks.

·   Add more vegetables to pizza, stir-fry, and pasta dishes.

·   Increase fiber intake by eating more high-fiber cereal, whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

·   Increase protein intake by eating more lean meats, low fat dairy products, beans, or soy based foods such as tofu.

·   Drink water, low-calorie or calorie-free beverages such as water with lemon, seltzer, naturally sweetened low calories drinks, etc.

·   Choose foods with high water content such as watermelon, lettuce, etc. to feel more satisfied and hydrate at the same time!

Its interesting that the foods that are closest to their ‘natural form’ ( not processed or man-made) is when they are the healthiest, and these are the foods that generally make us feel the most satisfied!
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