Night Two of our Girls Cruise

Night Two of our Girls Cruise......
Here we are at night two of the cruise. We have now had a full day at sea and tons of activities to keep us busy. The 2nd night is formal night in the dinning room so we are looking forward to it. We love that we can preview the menu on the tv and have it all planned out. We are going with steak and lobster tonight.

Before getting ready for dinner Dallas wanted to stop by the gift shop for the sale of the day which were beach hats. We brought our own but a girl can always use a new beach hat!

I just had to play the hat model for her. Cute hat! That's one thing to watch for when on a cruise is the daily shopping deals they have on the ship.

We found a little corner with a view to sit and read for about an hour before heading to our next activity.

It was time to get ready for formal night in the dinning room.

Dress up time is always fun.

Dallas and Lauren.

Dallas and I before sitting down for dinner.

Lauren and her mom.

Apple dessert!

Dessert was always so good!

We loved going back to our room every night to see what new cute animal was waiting for us.

After dinner we changed and went to enjoy the comedy show which was always so funny. They have a friendly version and an adult show so there is always something for everyone.

Be sure to always check your daily activity guide because there is always something to do!

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