Night Three of our Cruise- One of My Favorites

We started our afternoon with another day of tea at 3:30. I really enjoyed this and its another reason you should give everything a try that is offered. They always have something to help keep you busy.
Then it was time to get ready for a very special dinner. We paid the extra amount to attend the Steak Restaurant. If you have the chance to do this it is well worth it. I think this was one of the highlights of our trip! I wish I could have taken more photos but you must try it!

We are ready for dinner!

I love this photo of us! I plan to keep this one on my desk.

We are seated at a sweet two person table right near the chef area which was fun to watch them work but still quiet.

The chef sent us each something special before dinner started. We had a potato soup and steak tartar with horseradish ice cream. I know that sounds a little wild but it was so very good!

Each of these were toppings for the bread. They were so good and one of those things I miss because you can not get it from any other locations.

We both had the lobster bisque which was so good.

This picture doesn't even tell the true story on the size of this crab cake. It was the size of a softball and full of crab meat.

I had the fillet and lobster. Very good.

Dallas had the 9 oz. fillet.

We both had the whipped potatoes with wasabi sauce.

We both had the chocolate sampler. I can not even explain how good this was!


After dinner we went to the comedy show and it was so funny! I would highly recommend staying up for all the great shows.

After dinner walking back to our room, I love how the boat glows.
I am going to have to get a purse like Dallas because I love it!

The animal of the night.

Here's to our 3rd night! I must say to have an opportunity like this to spend time with Dallas before she is off to college was so special. I will always treasure every minute of this trip.

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