I Finally Found A Chair For My Guest Bedroom

I have been on the hunt for just the perfect chair for my guest bedroom desk but I wanted to stay within a certain price range. Well today I found it and I could not be happier!!!

I shared a previous post on my guest bedroom make over and its a work in progress. I am still in need of an area rug and the perfect comforter. This chair is a great new addition.

My favorite part of the chair is the shape and the silver hardware that line the chair. I think its the perfect touch.

Compared at $225.00

Here's the best part, the fabric first caught my eye and then when I saw the price I knew it was better than anything I had seen. As I started looking the chair over I noticed the back of one of the legs had a little bit of damage. I found an associate and asked if I could get a discount because of the damage and they gave e 10% off. Even better because I know I can repair this with no problem.

I was very pleased with the price because I have had my eye on this one from World Market and they wanted $279.00 and I paid $90.00 for mine.

Dallas gave me the magnet board which is hanging on the wall and that is an upcoming project where I will be painting the green frame white. I know it will be a great addition over my desk.

I am on the hunt for a new comforter to add volume to the bed. I want something very full and over flowing with fluff. I want my guest to feel at home and ready to rest.

Next will be the perfect area rug and the style I have in mind is like something shown above. I love the 2nd from the left which is soft and will let my other accents stand out.

I just can not decide if I want to add a pop of corral color like above. Any thoughts?

I could keep it very soft with the color coming the pillows and a side lamp. Thoughts?

I love this set of colors together.

I also love how adding the navy gives it a completely different look.

I still have additions to add to my desk to warm it up. Flowers and frames can really do so much.

Very happy with my Saturday chair find and I am one step closer to completing my guest room!!!

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