Healthy Life Style Both On A Physical and Mental Level

Need a break?

I have found a secret that works for me. Plan a vacation for a date in the near future. It doesn't matter  how big or small just have something fun planned. You could just be going away for the night or you could be taking a cruise with your family. The point is this gives you something to look forward to when times get stressful. You can let your mind slip away to that magical place you plan to visit.

If you feel like your inbox is over flowing with emails and task that keep you on your toes a short getaway can help you regain a sense of control in your life. They say it can even help with weight loss and a healthy heart. A vacation and weight loss.................that sounds like a winner to me!

I saw a report on the news that showed more than half of all US workers didn't use all their paid vacation days. I know there are reasons why but my goal is to make sure I spend precious time with my family that you can never get back. I am of course smart in how I do this so I have proper time to allow for sick days but when it comes to vacation time make sure you spend time with your family. Energize yourself so you feel and think in a fresh way.

I saw a study today that showed 5 days away from your email actually lowers blood pressure and helps give you a breath of fresh air. If you feel you cant do this for 5 complete days then limit the time each day while on vacation. After all if a VACATION!
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