Day Three of our Girls Cruise

Day three of our cruise is another day at sea but we found so any things to keep us busy. We started off with the comedy brunch again in the main dining room. The comedians are so funny! They feature a different one each morning so its always something new.

Each morning they brought a basket of goodies. You never go hungry.

I tried to be a little healthy with fruit.

Games in the lobby. This young girl was the champion and carried her medal proudly.

Another sale item they had on this ship. I love this bracelet.

You never go hungry!!! Look at all of those goodies!

You are here! I loved taking a peak at all the future destinations we could take a cruise to. Its so exciting to know what the future holds with traveling.

 Ice craving by the pool. That really is a talent!

Guys burgers are the very best!!! I think we had these almost each day for lunch when we were at sea.

Ok, here is when the day became very funny. We watched the wedding game.

We had the best seats and laughed so hard!

Here are the three couples. They picked one couple that married 3 days ago, one couple that married 15 years ago, and the one on the end married 40 years ago. Their answers were sooooooo funny!

I don't know how that happened but I can promise you Eddie and I will never play this game!!!!!
Great 3rd day at Sea!!!
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