Day Six on our Cruise-The Best Day with Salsa and Salsa!

This is by far my favorite day from our trip. We were in Cozumel, Mexico and I thought it was going to be just ok since we had been two other times but Wow we had so much fun!

Always thinking ahead, I had to take these two photos to show Eddie what he should bring on our next cruise. Dallas just loves when I take "secret people photos."  

Here we are unloading from the ship to start our day.

Looks like everyone is ready to start their day.

As always lots of photos opportunities as you get off the ship.

They brought their golf clubs, I would say they are serious about their sport.

Hello Mexico!!!

Love when someone offers to take our photo. What a beautiful background!

Surfing anyone?

Our Salsa Salsa guide.

Pieces of fun culture everywhere.

These are the vans that took us to our excursion. Wow all I can say is you better stay out of their way when they are driving!!

This is the set up, its an open area with no A/C but luckily with the breeze it was only a little warm.

Our table was all set up and ready to go.

As I look at our photos now I giggle knowing part of the event was to make and taste all types of tequila and my smile gets a little funny as we go. I had to participate in the cultural experience because it was really educational!

Our fast tasting was the frozen margaritas. It was pretty hot and these actually were very refreshing!

These girls did such an amazing job! I loved every minute and they worked so hard.

Each table had to vote for a table captain and guess who won at our table!

Our bowl to make salsa and I purchased one of these two bring back with me. I have already used it and love it!

Dallas did such a great job putting everything together for us.

They wanted us to make a margarita on the rocks. We had to take a sip of the shots to know the difference of the flavors.

Dallas had more of a lemon/lime version for her age. 

Then they wanted us to try Strawberry Margaritas.

Every so often the team captain had to stand and Salsa!

Then they had us try something they called the gasoline. It as actually very good and tasted like watermelon.

Time to make salsa.

They stressed how important it was that you were not to touch the pepper.

Salsa #1 was very good.

Salsa #2 was also very good.

After all the tasting and samples I am starting to giggle a little more.

Salsa #3

Salsa #4

Salsa #5

Dessert salsa

Homemade Mexican Vanilla Bean ice cream

So yummy!

Wow what a day!

Our group was so much fun!

Then it was time to learn to salsa dance. I had so much fun watching Dallas salsa!


I was one of the judges.

Then we had the chance to look around and go swimming if you wanted. Look at this view!!

Here's to a great vacation! Good bye Mexico for now

The best excursion every!!!

This was the pool at the hotel you can also swim at during the excursion.

If you go I would highly recommend this excursion. It was so much fun and something I know we will away remember! It was worth every penny!

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