Day One of our 7 Day Girls Cruise

Dallas and I took a 7 day girls cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. We had such a great time and really feel like we are refreshed. We are ready to take on the next phase of life with college and sorority life.  We had the chance to join one of her new college roommates.

Here are a few photos from our first night!

Getting ready for our first dinner.

Dallas was smart to bring an outfit in her carry on bag because her luggage was lost that first night. Carnival had a very good lost and found program and that next morning we had it back in our room.

Ready for dinner after a long day of travel and boarding the ship.

Our table during dinner.

The dining room was so much fun and we never missed a meal that was served from it. The buffet was fun during the day for lunch but we loved getting dressed up every night for dinner.

Candy shop on the ship so skittles were also at my finger tips!

The first night after dinner I went up on the pool deck and watch a movie on the big screen. I was missing my Trey and Eddie so much and knew they would love this action packed movie!

On the last day I took on the slide! I wanted to chicken out so bad but the ground was so hot there was no way I could walk back down. Only thing I could do was take a ride!

I took my laptop on the trip and everyday I broke down my photos in files for each day and night so I would remember what was from when. I will post each day and night in separate post but I can promise they will be worth looking at. Then I plan to end with a recap on what to take on your cruise!

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