Day Four of our Cruise- Montego Bay, Jamaica

Day 4 we were in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was very different than what I imagined but I cannot wait to bring Trey and Eddie back for the cultural experience. All three stops were very eye opening as to how different they are from our everyday life but yet so different from each other.

Welcome to Jamaica!

No makeup since we have a day on the beach ahead of us! Just saying.....

 These are photos we took just before getting off the ship in Jamaica. Security is very tight.

Beach clothes on and ready because today's excursion was a beach party. I am happy we did it but its not something we would do again. 5 hours on a beach is a long time. That is 5 hours on a beach with hit and miss thunder showers and people drinking unlimited rum punch is a long time!!!

Our ship

Walking to the bus that will be taking  us to the beach party.

Ok, my first tip when planning an excursion. Anytime the description states unlimited rum punch and everyone has to ride back on the same bus after 5 hours you can plan to have a rough ride home. Dallas and I just had soda but there were so many teenagers and adults that were so drunk it did not make for a fun ride back. This photo was on the way there. I didn't take any photos on the way back because we sat quietly just praying everyone would just make it back to the ship! There was a lot of potty mouths on the bus and then parents telling them to watch it so we just sat still watching out the window!

I had to get used to seeing people driving in what we know as the passengers seat.

A couple of photos from the view on our way to the beach. I had to get used to seeing us drive on the opposite side of the road. I was shocked how many people would stand in the middle of the road selling all kind of things as cars drove by them so fast and furious.
Ok no bathing suit photos but here are a few from the beach spot they took us to.

People would come from the water trying to sell items. This was a glass bottom boat that was trying to get people to hire him.

With our excursion we had the items in the water to play on.

This guy is Chris and he was our security guide. He made sure we stayed within our area and vendors stayed out.

Jet ski for rent.

The police had a presence on the beach also.

Lunch was provided. We had Jamaican Jerk chicken and pork.

A little something I purchased Trey. He collects glass animals but I had to go with a wooden one. Story here is all the glass animals were made so use to smoke with. Not a good idea as a gift for a 12 year old boy. Every time I asked if a vendor had a glass animal they would ask if I liked to smoke.................so Trey received a nice wood turtle!

Dallas in Jamaica's water

Yes I did wear a bathing suit but after my photo was taken of me in the water. We played and had lots of fun because the water was so blue and pretty.

The one negative other than people drinking unlimited rum punch was the airport was right next door to us. Very loud planes flying in.

We had a set of very bad storms come and go during the day.

Security guard standing at the wall to make sure no one crosses over.

This guy swam up in the water instead of crossing the walls. He was selling these shells for 50.00 and then they moved him along.

On top of unlimited rum they gave out they then had a beer drinking contest. Ok, now you get the idea of why the ride home was crazy. To think I just wanted a quiet beach to read a book on. That didn't happen but now I know what to expect when something says unlimited drinks, I will stay away from that! Not to say I don't drink but starting at 8:45 in the morning and going for 5 hours, just not my idea of fun!

Over all we had a great experience and I really enjoyed it but next time when we go I will plan something a little more cultural like. Something that doesn't have unlimited drinks where people start  in the morning. Maybe a view of the country side.
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