Day Five of our Cruise- Grand Cayman Adventure

We were really keeping our fingers crossed that we would have good weather. We started the morning with the sun peaking out of the sky as we started loading on the smaller boats to head into The Grand Cayman island.

These were the boats that would bring us in.

Another ship in the distance.

We had high hopes unloading that it would be a pretty day.

Another day with no makeup and keeping it very simple.

Really wish Trey would have been with me to see the pirate ship!

On our ride in it started to rain but as we turned around the ship had a rainbow over it. It was such a pretty site.

I wanted to find the bamboo shop and pick something up for Eddie. He loves everything bamboo. Of course we also had to find a glass animal for Trey. Thank goodness they sold them for the only purpose of collecting them!

Sure, I would take one of these also!

It stopped raining so we could grab a quick photo

This is the main area to meet and get ready for your excursion.

Eddies bamboo socks! Next time I am there I am going to pick up some of the workout shirts made from bamboo.

Ok, here is my only complainant from the trip. I know it will rain or the sun will not shine enough or maybe even be a little to warm. I completely understand the chance of all the changes of the weather. My issue is when it comes to someone sharing the facts. My tip when going on a cruise is make sure you know the weather for the day. When we were waiting to go on our excursion it rained off and on hard the 30 minutes during our wait. The guide told us we could turn our ticket back in for a refund but no one would ever say if it was a full refund because previously on the ship we were told all refunds were 75% of the cost. She told us rain like this happens and did just the day before but cleared right up. So we took the chance and signed the back of our ticket to go. The minute we moved forward to load the bus we were told, "Oh yes it is going to storm all day" What! I just felt tricked. I am still glad we went because we had the chance to see everything.

Our driver. Oh yes who also told us it would be storming bad all day!

Here we are at the resort. Can you imagine how pretty it would have been if the sun was out! I would have been able to actually read a book in a chair on the beach unlike the day before!

White drapes makes everything so romantic!

By this time we are soaked from head to toe. Thank goodness for hats to hide under. This was the only small spot where you could take shelter from the rain. Don't get me wrong a little rain is ok but this was a storm and with my bag full of items you really don't want everything to get wet.

This only offered a little bit of beach to go out in the water because then you run right into the reef. Pretty for snorkeling around but I am not familiar with what is dangerous or not so I was not comfortable doing to much.

My first time to see a beach with trees on it. Kind of a strange way to sit in the sun, right!

We did have tents to sit under to eat lunch while it rained, rained, and rained!

The chicken was very good.

The rain let up for a little bit and we were able to go in the water.

Another tip, make sure you have a clear understanding of return times. This excursion told us we could head back to the ship at several return times. Once we were so wet that I could not take it any more I said I was ready to go back. They told me I could not leave until the end unless I paid a taxi to take me. Lets just say after speaking with the manager and letting her know I was REALLY ready to go Dallas and I were placed on a bus with 4 other couples that were REALLY ready to go also!

  We made it back on the ship just in time because the sky fell out! Over all I was very grateful for the opportunity to visit but I learned a lot with what I am looking for with my next trip! Another reason to always keep a mind set that you cant control your circumstances but you can always enjoy your company! Here's to another great day with Dallas!

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