Weight Watchers Weekly Tip

I wanted to share a couple of tips that really help me out during the week. I hope these tips help you stay on track and reach your goals!

  • Each night I always plan the next two nights of meals. I find staying two nights ahead really helps me out. I look to see if something needs to be thawed out and what sides will go with the dish. I make a note and place on the refrigerator. This helps me know if any grocery store stops need to be made and allows me to check for sales and coupons. Yes, I love deal shopping when it comes to my groceries! This also helps us to always stay away from the drive thru. I find many times we end up at the drive thru because we are to tired to run to the store and pick up something to cook but if its at home waiting on me it gets cook.

  • With my workout plan I sit down Sunday evening and look at my schedule and make appointments on my IPad planner. I would never cancel an appointment with a client because I was tired and wanted to sit on the couch so I give myself the same respect!! Its an appointment to better my fitness and health so I am sticking to it!

  • I look ahead at what meetings or events I have where naughty food might be served and I make a note in my planner to pack a snack in my purse that day. In my line of work someone is always bringing treats to meetings and its so hard to say no!

I hope this helps you stay on track this week!!!

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