Plans For the Week

I am motivated and ready to get back on track with workouts and eating healthy. I spent Sunday afternoon reviewing everyday this week and how I could fit a run or a workout class into my schedule. I also have a meal plan in place to follow. My hope is every Sunday afternoon I will plan all workouts and meals so I have a better chance of sticking to it.

I am really ready to start training for my 4th half marathon after several months of rest but I know this time its going to be like starting all over. I would love to run a Disney Half Marathon but one is in August and Florida heat in August is hot enough without running a half marathon. I really plan to run the Wine and Dine in November!! Anyone else running it?

Also this next weekend I am taking my first painting class on how to use Annie Sloan paint! I am very excited!!

I am trying to finish my guest room and need your thoughts on an area rug. Here is the room:

So should I go with something that matches like this,

This is the aqua color..............

Or I could go with a gray...............

Or I could go with a bright pop of color.....

Would love your thoughts? All of the rug photos are from ZGallerie.com

                          I know for over the bed I am looking for something like this:

I know Pier One and Target have carried this style mirror.

I also love the desk top accessories that ZGallerie offers.

I plan to pick up the owls and the boxes for my desk and dresser. So cute!

This week I plan to try a few new healthy recipes and I actually started some today!

I have on  my list for next weekend to paint two bar stools I have to hold me over until we give the kitchen a makeover later this year. I found this on source. Here is what she did..........

I plan to put our initial on the top instead of numbers. I love this idea to give white bar stools a new look.

So as you can see I have a full week on my hands. I look forward to reporting back on Saturdays with my previous weeks workout. Also sharing any recipes that work and were a hit. I will also update on my projects.

Have an awesome week!!!

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