Getting Close to Having a New Guest Bedroom

In my previous post you saw that I have a new hobby with giving furniture a new life. I am also redecorating my guest bedroom and I wanted to share the actual photo that inspired me. My walls will have a light teal tent to them but everything else is very close. I will be painting this weekend so by next week I hope to share with you!

I went shopping and found lots of ideas for pieces to use in the room. Here are a few items that I liked but didn't go with:

I am looking for accent pieces for my new desk. Thought these were unique but just not the right ones.

These were also so pretty and I can only imagine how pretty they would be with a candle in them.

I might actually go back and pick these up:

Then I wanted the perfect lamp. A few I started looking at are:

The one I went with is below. Matches my new colors perfectly! A great Target find.

I am in need of the perfect something to go over my guest bed. I saw a few items below but they just were not what I had in mind.

Then I found this mirror.....I love all $200.00 of it! Yes, $200.00!! The good thing is Hobby Lobby puts their items 1/2 off all the time. I just need to really think about how much I love it! It really is a statement piece.

I picked up two other items that look perfect on the night stand and the desk.

I found the white bedding in Pottery Barn magazine but it was pretty expensive so when I found the exact item in Target I made a very quick purchase!

As you can see I am on my way to putting together a new guest bedroom like my finds on Pinterest! I found my antique desk this weekend that will be given a new life and now I need to find the perfect desk chair!

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