Healthy Passion Life Style Tip 1

I love having a clean house but sometimes your week is so busy you have to pick from gym or cleaning. Then I read a study that showed how many calories I can burn during a good cleaning. Dusting , vacuuming, and mopping can burn around 150 calories per hour and exercise your whole body. To maximize the burn you will want to move briskly and limit breaks. This gives me a complete new outlook on cleaning and I make it the biggest calorie burn I can!

You can tone your arms while carrying laundry. Take the basket and do arm curls as you walk to the washer just like you would with weights. Do squats as you bend over picking items up and load and and unloading your dryer.

Sweep your kitchen every night along with your sidewalk. This will tone your arms and back. When sweeping outside it gives you fresh air which is also such a stress reliever. I know during my work day there are times I will just go outside and walk around my building for the sunshine and fresh air.

See how many extra calories can you burn by doing a little extra cleaning this week!
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