I'm Ready To Get Back To Running for 2013 But Its Cold!!

I am ready to get back to running and training for my next (unknown at this time) half marathon. I went out for a run tonight with Eddie and we could only complete 1 mile. Once the sun went down so did the temperature and fast. We went straight to Academy Sports because I need something to cover my ears. They were hurting so bad because it was so cold!

My new look while running.............

OK maybe not!!! What about this look...................................

This one will not work either because it seems to be more for sitting and waiting on a deer not running half marathons.

So I found the headband I had in mind!

Not a good picture of me at all but remember I did just go running and it was freezing!!! I plan to wear this and put my Nike hat on top. I always get so excited with a new piece of running gear. Even better, it was only 2.99!!! It was cute because as Eddie was helping me pick them out when I told him the price he said, "Well then buy yourself two!"

Speaking of new gear, whenever I need a "running pick me up" I can always find it by purchasing something new in the running department. Here are some great new Nike pieces that I just loved!

I love love love Nike running pants because they do such a great job with the length coming right above my knee. I also love the safety reflectors and the little key pocket in the back. I know other brands make these but I do love +Nike!

Love this green color.

I love this shirt. On the top is a draw string that you can tighten the shirt or let out and wrap up around your neck for warmth. Yes I am a huge Nike fan and also wear Nike shoes. The next pair I plan to pick up will be the Nike Moto 9. I have to wear this style because of the way my foot strikes the ground.

Now that motivation and warmth is in place I plan to hit the road running hard. Plan to hold me accountable as I will be posting my Daily Mile each week. We better see some big numbers and I also hope to announce which half marathon I will be running next! I am almost at my next weight level I had to reach to sign up and I will keep you update on that also.

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