I Hit My 5% Weight Watchers Goal Today!

As I mentioned before Monday mornings are my check in day and I am very excited with the results. I am not sharing my weight (not that brave) but I did want to share the weight loss 2.9 pounds this week. I do know my future weigh ins will not be this good so I am preparing myself for that fact.  So for 3 weeks I have a total loss of 8 pounds. Last week I didnt weigh because I had dental surgery and had to have a lot of ice cream. It was fun using that excuse!!!

Very exciting day as I hit my 5% weight loss goal! Even more exciting I received my 5% sticker!!! I have 3 more pounds and I can sign up for another half marathon! Remember I set a goal weight that had to be meet before I could run another race. I found that I just was not able to loose weight while training and only maintained. Of course I would loose a pound or two but I was looking to take off more like 15 pounds. I just keep imaging myself running and then sitting down a pair of 15 pound weights and taking off again. Of course I will run faster!

With tonight being New Years Eve my first suggestion to Eddie was for us to go grab a nice big dinner but that is a habit I am breaking. I went and purchased all the ingredients for an over the top healthy dinner. We will splurge a little with dessert but thats much better than going out for bread, appetizers, soup, salad, steak, and dessert!!! I will share the awesome recipe I am making soon!

Happy New Year to each of you and many blessings!!!
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