Happy 12th Anniversary!!!

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary!!! With everything that is going on in the world the one thing I wanted was dinner with my family as a group. Family time is just something you can not buy and its a gift I treasure. My thoughts and prayers stay on those involved in this tragedy. With that said its been eye opening that you treasure every minute of your life. I feel I always have but I am very sensitive to it now.

Eddie told me to pick anywhere I wanted for dinner and I went with my favorite.....The Bamboo. I love them even over a higher chain like Ruth Chris.

Happy 12th anniversary to the love of my life!!! Here's to many many more!!!

My best friend!

The two best kids in the world. I could not wish for anything different because they are the love of my life. I am so very proud of them both.
I have to share this next set of three photos. It so fits our everyday life. We went from one saying they were taking their glasses off and then the other putting theirs on. The fun go around!
Dallas glasses on....Trey glasses off

Trey glasses on.....but Dallas off

Both glasses off!! We did it!!!
Our chef was awesome and really entertained us.
That really is his hand in the fire and when he grabbed it he was able to put it out.

Would you believe how hot the fire is. This was right in front of me and as it went off I turned and closed my eyes because it was so bright but hit the camera button. I checked to make sure I still had eye lashes!!!!
I love having my wedding anniversary right at Christmas!

My two sweeties! Dallas was excited to wear her new Christmas gift, her JCrew jacket. She looks so cute in it!

Still trying to hang in there that she is a hair taller!!!
Best buds!!

Now that's the way to celebrate an anniversary dinner!!

I had to share how proud I am of Trey for using what he learned in etiquette class and placing his napkin over his chair after leaving the table. Such a good boy!
I can not imagine a better way to spend this special event other than with my family!!!
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