Leopolds Ice Cream Visit While in Savannah for Half Marathon

While in Savannah we had the opportunity twice to visit Leopold's Ice Cream Shop. There are a few reasons this is a famous ice cream shop.

One reason is the owner is friends with Paula Deen and has been a guest on her show several times. The second reason is the owner is a Hollywood Producer and worked with Tom Cruise and many other actors.

They offer so many choices of ice cream and it was so good. Even when we went back the 2nd day I went for the mint chip ice cream again.

I love how all of the businesses had signs to welcome the runners into town!

I loved the old time diner feeling. We just sat for an hour and enjoyed our ice cream!

When we left we walked right into Matt Dillon coming out to the movie theater next door from an event.

Great visit, great ice cream, and well worth stopping by when you are in Savannah! Next time we are there it will be on our list again!

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