Murder Mystery Dinner Event

Eddie and I attended a great dinner event this weekend. Its a Murder Mystery Dinner where while the dinner is served there is a play that is going on around the tables. With this event they asked that we dress in our Halloween costumes. Here are a few pictures of the start of the night. We were a doctor team!

When we arrived even though they said costume was optional I still had Eddie run up and sneak a peak in the door to make sure others were dressed.....and they were thank goodness!

Once we arrived to the dinner you were taken to your table as instructions where given. They explained how the event for the evening would go. Then we had the opportunity to walk around the Mardi Gras museum. I had to share a few photos. For those of you that are not familiar with Mardi Gras there is a queen and king for each organization. Each wear their gown, tux, and train as you see in the photos below. Some of these trains are on rollers because the weight is so heavy. The cost is very expensive and all are hand sewn. They are just stunning.

I knew I left my crown somewhere....and it here was all along!!!

Then it was time to take our seats and let the dinner and show start. Everyone had the neatest costumes!

I was so proud that Eddie won and guessed the killer. Since he is a police LT. it only made me even more proud!! He did such a great job of taking notes.

The costumes were fun but having this guy look at you all night was a little much for me!

Over all we had a great time and it made for a fun date night!

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