Girls Night Out Event and Fundraiser

Tonight I attended the Ronald McDonald House Chartiy Event. It was so much fun and I had to share a few photos from the evening.

Alesia and myself at the start of the event. Coming in you had the chance to walk the "Pink Carpet" and have your photo taken.

They had a area set up where you purchased a $25.00 or a $50.00 ticket. You then went into the area and picked a purse and inside was a prize of an unknown value. I picked the one below and inside was a cerficate for 2 spray tans or one month VIP package.

Here are a few of the other choices.

We had foot and hand masages which were wonderful!!! She even had a towel for me since I was in a dress!

My favorite part of the night was having our drawing!

Look!!! Its me running....look at that cute waist line!!

Some reason I kept making my way back to this table!!! Oh I love a chocolate fountain!!

Ok....since everyone kept pointing out the fact we had the same dress on I figured it only right to take a photo and get it over with !!!!!

Ending our night back on the pink carpet for one more fun shot!!

What a fun night!!!
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