Awesome Two Mile Race Improvement!

Ok, I get to brag for just one minute!

As I mentioned in a previous post I have had the wonderful opportunity to help with Trey's Cross Country team. I have had the best time! A few weeks ago Trey had his first two mile race and finished 21:34 and last night he came flying in at 18:02!!! That's a 3 1/2 minute improvement in just a short time and a 9:01 mile.  He can now run the 2 miles without taking a walking break. I am so proud of his improvement.

Tomorrow we have our first 2012 Fall 5K race and I cant wait to see our results and share photos with you. I will have a full race report!

Here are a few shots from the awesome race yesterday!

Here are some of my favorite shots!


This one is my favorite. Both feet are actually in the air......talk about running on air!

After the race......

You can tell that was a hot race!!!

Very proud mom and dad!!
You cant do this awesome in a race and not get ice cream!!! Ok....I didn't run but I had to help celebrate!!!

Will have a full race report from tomorrows race!!! Wish us luck!!!

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