Why Did I Start Running?

I always love to hear why people started running. I some how reached my heaviest weight two years ago and was shocked that it came on so fast. Some people put on weight because of sadness, loss, or any number of reasons. Me......I just started enjoying food! Some how I thought it was ok to make a Paula Deen recipe every night. No fault of Paula's but boy was it fun to cook it and even better to eat it.
Would you believe this picture was actually taken outside of Paula Deens restaurant. I loved her style of cooking we actually planned an 8 hour weekend trip just to eat at her restaurant!

After coming home from this trip I knew it was time for a change. I started with walking but found each time I picked it up to a run my calorie loss doubled. To help motivate me I started signing up for 5k races. My time was really bad.....I was in the 50 minute range to finish a 5k.
I just kept at it and continued to sign up and run. My time then moved into the 40 minute range and the weight was coming off fast! I felt so good getting out there and running that all I wanted was to eat better which helped my weight loss even more. To date I have lost almost 40 pounds!!

One of my secrets is to always have my workout clothes laid out and ready to go. I never want to have to find something because that will let me talk myself out of a workout very fast. I also love picking up new pieces every now and then. They offer the coolest running pieces now! My running gear has a section of its own in my closet.

Its been fun shopping for new clothes but gaining weight is also very expensive. I will not go down the road of having to buy new pieces because I have gained weight. Recently I went through my closet and took all of my clothes that were to big to a re sale shop. No allowing myself to fit into something because I have put on weight.

Also sign up for a race so you have a goal to achieve. This is my at my first half marathon as I am about to cross the finish line!! As I turned the corner to head into the finishers gate there was my sweet husband and kids!!! My biggest supporters!

source for photo...southerncurlsandpearls.blogspot.com

I also make sure the day before that I have my food planned and ready. It is so easy to loose sight of your goal when you are not prepared.

Get your family on the same plan. My husband has loss almost 40 pounds also by eating better choices and making work outs part of our everyday life! When the family does it together its so much easy. Just a great support system.

Now here's to the next 12 weeks as I wrap up training for my 3rd half marathon!!
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