Weekend Mom and Trey Trip Getaway!

Dallas had to attend a Youth Summit trip at the University of Alabama so Trey and I made a weekend trip out of it instead of driving all the way home and turning right back around to pick her up. Here we are loading up and taking off.

He is going into the 5th grade and is almost taller than me! By the way, starting next Sunday I am going to be the assistant coach for his cross country team!! How awesome for me!

Once we dropped Dallas off we went to the Birmingham to the large mall and spent hours. I found a store that only sold tea and tea pots. I love a cup of hot tea when I go into meetings at work or late in the evening when I want something sweet. Look how cool this store is.

As I went into a store we tried to find one for Trey so he was able to get in equal amount of shopping. We went into the Lego store and they have the neatest machine. You must check it out if you have a little one. You walk up to it with your Lego box and it brings the Lego item to life. Very cool!

Then we were off to the girly stores! He was a great sport. It was off to clothes and makeup. I had the chance to visit my first MAC store! In my next post I will share the really awesome finds I picked up.

Once we finished shopping it was off to our hotel. There was a Joe's Crab Shack sitting right in front of our hotel so that was dinner! This place was wild, every 10  minutes the waiters would break out into dancing. Trey and I just shared a dinner since everything seemed to be such large amounts. As you know for those that follow me I am trying to eat a strict meal plan as I am training for a half marathon.

Then before heading back to the hotel we wanted a little something sweet. No one told us the dessert was made to feed four people. Look at the size of this pie......it takes up the dinner plate. Trey loved his but I only ate about 5 bites. Hated to waste but geez!

The next morning we had breakfast and its moments like this you just treasure.

When its just the two of you mirrors come in handy to capture a picture together! Then we were off to the campus of ALABAMA so Trey could also get in a little of the college experience since Dallas just come back from touring. These are just some of those pictures around the campus.

We grabbed lunch at the college pizza Mellow Mushroom hang out which was fun with the Olympics playing on the big screen TVs. Great way to end the trip before heading home.

By the way, look who got a new hair cut once we made it back home since cross country starts next week.

I will share my clothing finds in my next post but I had to share these two items. I am so into mango scents right now. My new mango candle and mango lotions!

Love the scent of Mango!!

We had so much fun! Take in every minute you can with your kids because time will fly by as I know with one entering her senior year of high school!!!

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