My Fitness Pal IPhone App

My Fitness Pal App

I have been training for my 3rd half marathon for 7 weeks now and had a 2 pound weight loss. I seem to have been just maintaining and now  I I have found the secret to help the pounds come off. My husband shared with me this great app he found and now I am seeing a big difference.

I didn't realize how many calories I was taking in but this app really helps me see each one. I have tried apps like this before but found they were not user friendly. This one has a label scanner and is awesome.

Here is a quick snap of what today's looks like.

As you can see I am allowed 1200 calories a day. I am able to break everything down into Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I can also keep track of my water intake.

It is so easy to keep track of everything and only takes seconds. Much faster and easier than trying to write everything down. At the end of the day when you close the day out it will tell you if you keep on this track you will weight ______ by 5 weeks. Very inspiring!

This is perfect for me because if you remember I started training at 17 weeks and wanted a 15 pound weight loss, I now have 10 weeks left and expect a 10 pound weight loss for race day!

The app is free and so easy! 
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