I Threw A Minecraft Party

OK, this has nothing to do with running, diet, fitness, workouts and to be honest its about candy, cake, hot dogs, and popcorn! With that said I had to share this post because I am so proud of it! My son is turning 11 this week and I wanted to throw him a fun party that wasn't to kiddie and from the response of the kids they had a blast and were impressed.

To understand this party you have to know about a game called Minecraft. Its a computer game where you build a city. You have the chance to build a garden, fish, build homes, churches, and just on and on.

I made everything and when I told Trey he was so surprised that he said," Mom did you research all of this? That is so cool that you did that." Of course that made it all worth it. So here are a few pictures from the gathering.

I found the green buckets at Target in the $1.00 row and with a black marker I drew the Creeper face.

Each of these items were placed in the buckets and represent the items you find in the game. They loved the idea!

The cake......let me start by saying I am not a professional decorator but I am pleased and most importantly Trey loved it!

To set the table up I had the cake in the center and all the buckets laid out.

A few party photos....

Then we were headed off to the movies. As we were loading up the boys wanted to see the Eddies patrol car. I think that was just as exciting as the party!

I have to say taking 6 boys to the movies was actually a lot of fun. They were so good and it was a lot of fun. I wish I could have taken a picture of them sitting in the movies in one long line. Its memories I hope they hold for a lifetime since because they are such a cute fun group. I did get one picture!

Of course I had to sneak one in with Dallas and myself! To sum it up we had a blast and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY VERY SWEET TREY!!!

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