Hot Bikram Yoga

Today I tried my first class of Hot  Bikram Yoga.
Part 1 written right after class.

Without a doubt the name fits the class, HOT! I was told the room is kept around 105 degrees but I can tell you the minute you step in you are sweating. If I could have had a photo taken of me I would have been two times more than the one below.

I am not an expert on this type of yoga so I am only repeating what was shared with me. The idea is to sweat and not wipe it off because that is what helps your body to stay cool. I think I was sweating more than when I take my long runs.

My muscles really did get a good stretch and my calorie counter showed I burned 600 calories which was a shock since this is not heavy aerobics. I am just not sure if I am going to join because the heat is intense. There were some points I felt a little dizzy and yucky but everyone tells me after the 2nd or 3rd class that settles.

Today I am sore in my neck because you hold a lot of arm posses which as a runner I am not used to doing. They really suggested that you come back for your 2nd class within 24 hours but I could not since I had previous plans.

Part 2 of my thoughts on Hot Yoga................ Three days after class.
Today I went for my long run in my training for my half marathon. It was 7 miles. I have to say it was one of my best runs I have had. Not so much that my time was the fastest but my body felt great. My hip which is usually in so much pain had no pain all 7 miles. I felt energized and really felt my best.

Normally the heat just about takes me out but today it really didn't bother me. I really think being in such a hot environment during the class helped me a lot! So I have decided I am going to sign up for one month and commit to at least 1 class a week....more if I can of course. This will help me see how it improves my run which by the way is getting closer...Nov 3rd!!!

I think I will keep my Sunday morning long runs in place and attend the 5:30 am Monday morning hot yoga class for a deep stretch and workout.

Have you tried Hot Yoga?
What did you think?

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