Week 1 July 5th- July 8th Start of Training for Half

I found this to be the biggest help for my last two half marathons and it held me accountable for my work outs Each Monday I am going to share my previous workout and calorie burn. This isn't a complete week because I officially started training for my half marathon on Thursday, July 5th.

Thursday, July 5th-
3.1 Speed walk to really get me back. 292 Calorie burn

Friday, July 6th
3.1 Run  494 calorie burn

Saturday, July 7th
Weight training for 1 hour 20 minutes       494 calorie burn
1.25 bike ride    100 calorie burn

Sunday, July 8th
4.4 Run     550 calorie burn

This week was full of rain storms that just popped up at any time of the day. Even after a storm on Sunday I still got out there! Yea!!! I had puddle after puddle to run around. Could not take on the trails because they were very slippery.

 Even with the rain cooling things off it was still a steam bath! I didn't have my normal red face but was soaked from the steam!!!
With the heat so heavy what I have found to work for me is getting up very early and finishing my runs by 6:30 am. I have actually started loving getting up so early!

This is my favorite part of getting out there early in the morning. The peace of the sun rising. What a way to start your day and have a clear head! Ill have next weeks schedule on Monday!!
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